Panasonic LX5 - Shooting RAW

You can tell I am enamored with this little camera. Too bad I didn't get to shoot it all that much today. I did shoot my StupidCrap™ test targets though. If I was being careful I probably would have manually exposed this one or at least exposure compensated it a bit. My guesstimate was that it is a stop off.

No problem - I shot RAW+JPEG so let's amp it up in ACR and see how the little RAW file does. In the past bitty camera RAW was not really worth a whole lot because the sensor's dynamic range was so limited anyway - and because there was so much noise below about level 100 (on a 1-255 scale) that it was pointless. I have to do some real testing to figure out the full story but just screwing with this RAW file I will have to preliminarily declare the LX5 RAW files a win. So here is the ho-hum underexposed shot.

And low and behold the RAW file pushed a whopping 1 and 1/2 stops. No noise reduction. No crap. Oh and I cranked the vibrance just shy of blowing the red channel to.

Not bad. I will have to do a lot more testing but RAW and the LX5 appears to actually be worthwhile.


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