Aperture 3 Book Printing

Sometimes I forget how the web works. Briefly - anything "new" is great, anything old sucks (according to google). Since the vast majority of people out there use Google not just to find information but to navigate the web as one big site I thought I would re-publish some of the notes on using Aperture's book tool with other printers. So here is a handy index to notes compiled so far.

General process for using Aperture to publish books with any printer

Technical note on how to put custom fonts into the font menu for a Aperture book theme

Using the Aperture 3 book tool for things you may not have thought of

A note about color profiles when making a PDF with the Aperture 3 book tool.

Interesting work-around for Aperture book cover fonts

Note about Aperture books and CMYK

Text on images using the Aperture 3 book tool - screencast

Another stupid pet trick with the Aperture 3 book tool - borders

Hope this helps some newer readers here - You have to understand - ultimately I am lazy so I tend not to talk about things I EVER covered. So shoot me.


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