Another Money "Saving" Idea

This is officially third in a serious of rationalization lessons for acquiring photo gear since I went on the binge last week. This lesson/idea is actually also a follow up to my "all camera bags are too small" post from a while ago. Actually they are all exactly the right size. This time around I am shifting that whole notion into reverse.  I just acquired a new bag - yes another one. It is the Domke F-5XB. The point of this purchase was multi-faceted and as you will see when I walk you through the rationalization the primary money saving idea is reenforced with all the other good things that happen.

Let's start with the money saving part of this. This bag is tiny, really tiny. Tinier than my beloved F-803's. I know from personal experience how easy it is to spend way over $10,000 to fill one of those so by definition and experience that bag is too too big. I need a smaller bag as my absolute hard limit on micro 4/3 equipment and other itty bitty camera stuff that I am acquiring at an alarming rate. Hence when I cannot stuff anything else into the F-5XB I am done, hard stop, buying bitty camera stuff. See how that saves me money? You don't - let me explain a little further so you can see how thought through this really is.

  1. The F-5XB can hold at least 2 bodies and 4 micro 4/3 lenses LESS than an F-803.
  2. The F-5XB is about half of the cost of suggested retail price because it's not real popular. You can get it for like 70 bucks. If you go with a popular one like the F-803 they are a lot more money too. Yea I know I already have two F-803's but that doesn't count. You have to have apples to apples you see or it's not scientific.  That's like evaluating the idea of which restaurant to go to based on lunch meat you happen to have - invalid.
  3. So for 70 bucks it will save me like another 80 bucks by not using my existing F-803. If you don't get this then you have never had to do any time of corporate cost accounting. We have to put the already spent cost on the F-803 somewhere don't we? Right now it's allocated to general maintenance because my other one was wearing out. So I am going to leave it there rather than allocate it to the micro 4/3 itty bitty camera cost center. So I saved like 70 bucks on micro 4/3 just by buying the 5XB. Get it?
  4. The real meat of the savings is the cost avoidance factors of probably another 3 grand minimum. The F-803 could easy fit an additional 3 grand. Maybe more. I will save that up for something else that I "need". This actually is money that doesn't exist that goes into another account to be used in future rationalizations about spending money on gear. This is the very basic part of the "found money" rationalization I use for really expensive stuff like medium format gear. You know capital investments like battleships and the like.
  5. It matches my new F-803, the new "ruggedwear" stuff. Hey my camera bag collection was getting a little non-symetrical and that could cause me all kind of heartache and subconscious stress that would add up in medical costs down the road. This will help bring back the symmetry.
  6. It's more water resistant than my old depreciated F-803 so it's like insurance for my micro 4/3 stuff.

So you see this 70 bucks saves me a whole lot of money in a lot of different ways. How could I not buy it. It's better than free, it actually saves me a ton of money. Tune in next time when I write of one of three Domke F-2's and replace it with a ruggedwear version of the same thing to save money. I feel the thrust of that will be in saving time by not having to decide between black and sand and time=money. We'll see.


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