The Panasonic GF1 Get's Sent Back

Yep - The GF1 is going back to Amazon but another one is on the way and should be here Monday or Tuesday. There was absolutely nothing wrong with the Camera. The problem was that after playing a lot with the 20mm f 1.7 lens I determined it was defective. The focus was super slow when it worked at all, both on the E-P1 and the GF1. The issue with slowness is that it's subjective. My E-P1 with the 14-42 lens was far far far faster than the GF1 with the 20mm. When I switched lenses the GF1 was as fast or faster than the E-P1. I will have to do more testing with the same lens on each camera because the focus motor speed definitely is more than half the equation here.

The objective measurement of defective was the fact that every once in a while the lens would go berserk. No matter what focus mode you were in - even manual - the camera and lens would go into permanent and continuous racking back and forth between infinity and closest focus. When I say continuous and permanent I do mean that literally. As in the lens would continue to grind even if you set the camera down and left it be. It would go on quite possibly forever if you didn't turn it off. Just for giggles I left it go for 10 minutes prior to getting sick of hearing it just to see if it would resolve sooner or later.

This condition was obviously a defect. So back to Amazon - gee those guys have the coolest and most responsive customer service on the planet. I paid extra for the need it now shipping and explained that I was returning (free) and buying another but did not want to pay for overnight shipping twice and within 2 minutes I had a refund on the original shipping cost.

I will say that the 20mm and the GF1 made nice images when it actually worked. Attached is the very last image that I shot prior to provoking the bizarre behavior and the camera getting the heave ho.


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