The GF1 And 20mm Arrive

The FedEx man finally came to deliver my Panasonic 20mm f 1.7 lens that happened to come with a free (see previous posts) GF1 camera in the box. What a deal. You'll have to wait to see a couple images and tests from the GF1 as the battery was completely dead except for the 5 minutes or so I spent confusing the crap out of myself with the menus. I do have to say my first impressions are that I like the E-P1 handling a bit better than the GF1 but we really won't know for sure until I figure it out.

The thing that intrigued me is that the I was overall not at all impressed with the AF speed compared to the E-P1. In fact it seemed slower, even with the 20mm lens. Hmmm. Could be a dead battery. Could be me having no idea what I am doing with it yet. More later on this. The other thing that disturbed me was that I seemed to get the lens stuck in a mode of constant hunting twice with no way to cause it to cease and desist save for turning the camera off and back on. Could be anything, again waiting for the battery to charge.

Here are a couple of items of note regarding the GF1:

  1. Far better looking in person than what you may think. Really nice.
  2. A hair lighter than the E-P1 but not as much as you would think. Not really going to be a deciding factor from my standpoint.
  3. The screen is a lot higher resolution but doesn't seem to make any real difference in use or enjoyment as compared to the E=P1
  4. I can tell you within 10  seconds that I like the overall layout and access to functions on the E-P1 better than the GF1 but I will have to give it some time. I can tell you that some functions and the way they work are better on the E-P1 and some are better on the GF1. In reality they are more the same than different unless the one thing that one camera does a hair differently than the other happens to be the make or break deal for you.

Obviously I will have some follow up to this. Give me some time. I will tell you that something is very very wrong. I don't know what yet but given the battery for the GF1 is dead, I tried the 20mm on the E-P1. Focus was hideously slow - as in broken slow. I mean broken because a lot of the behavior was bizarre. Constant non-stop focus hunting back and forth that wouldn't and couldn't be stopped with no buttons depressed. It seemed to happen after the first shot while trying to focus the second shot. I had to turn the camera off to stop it. Finally that ceased but behavior continued to be unexplainable.  Exposure in live view was all over the map but the actual saved images were fine. The Aperture opening and closing and changing f-stops while you watched - which may be normal but not in combination with the live view issues.

I will update all the firmware in the lens and bodies and get back to you on this. I may have a dud.


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