Micro 4/3 - Help Me I am Smitten

You guys/gals know how much I love my Leica gear due to the quality and the fact that I can fit everything I own - including stuff I don't need into a little tiny bag. You also know that I don't shy away from shooting film. You also may have picked up that I bought a compact digital to jamb in with my Leica kit. A cut-rate refurbished Olympus E-P1.

Well - I have been having so much fun with this little guy that I want to expand. I told you I will be disciplined and NOT buy a camera with a viewfinder until I thoroughly break my habit of "needing" one. I am not going to go back on that. I will spend a few months at this sans viewfinder. Meanwhile I did decide I want a fast small lens native to micro 4/3. You pretty much have two choices if you don't want an adapter and you don't want a tele. You have the Panasonic 20mm f1.7 and you have the Olympus 17mm f2.8.

This ones easy - give me the faster lens any day of the week. On top of that the internet crowd has blessed the Panasonic as "better". Honestly I do not know how much weight I would but on that but it is undeniably more interesting to me because of the greater than 1 stop faster maximum aperture. So I am getting one. Here is the gear acquisition syndrome rationalization logic on this purchase broken down for you so you can adapt it to your own needs…

  • You cannot find reliable sources of used 20mm Panasonic's that are any less money than new ones - in fact a lot of chuckleheads want MORE than a new one.
  • The cheapest US source that I would buy from seems to be in the $394 neighborhood. Let's say that is $400.
  • I can get a mint condition used Panasonic GF1 camera with a 20mm lens and goodies with a return guarantee from $650. That's like $600. (See this is GAS rounding watch what happens next)
  • If I take the $400 off the $600 that is like $200 for a whole stinking camera the Panasonic GF1. That's like free.
  • If I have the GF1 I can really really compare the crap out of the Olympus to the Panasonic in all kinds of conditions and even have the VR on the Panasonic lens that I am getting any way but now I can tell you guys which stuff is actually better and when it is better. Is the focusing speed all in the lenses or is it the firmware or the body. This is like philanthropic work so it 's good karma and the body is like free anyway. You people want to know this stuff anyway.
  • If I really really really need the EVF the Panasonic EVF is like $100 and that is like $200 less expensive than the Olympus EVF that won't work unless I buy the E-P2 and that is like $1100 for the kit with the EVF so not only is the body free but potentially it will save me like thousands of dollars as well until I absolutely need an E-P2 or E-p3 or GF2.7

Okay - done deal it's coming tomorrow.


Ps. Did you follow all that? Bottom line - you guys get to hear first hand about the ups and downs of both systems in all kinds of conditions because you know you want one of these things one way or the other and …

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