Olympus E-P1 Focusing Follow Up

I decided to play around and shoot something today that I have never shot before. Butterflies. Nothing special but I did have a purpose. I really wanted to build up my confidence in the E-P1 focusing system from a speed and accuracy standpoint. I am paranoid about such things. Not overly so but I do like to know what to expect and what limitations I am working with. The photo at the top is a crop of the full width of the out of camera jpg. No messing around - settings were "normal" all the way around. I did use the choose your own autofocus point but I wasn't especially careful. Auto WB and exposure did the heavy lifting. I just got as close as I could without scaring the little critters away. They are a bit more skittish than I imagined.

So what's the verdict? I would say it is workable. Wouldn't you? Take a look at the weather report for the east coast mid-atlantic area today. I shot these with the butterflies moving as normal - they are not dead and with 15 MPH wind knocking both butterfly and branch about. I am right on the water so there really isn't any respite from wind to speak of. Just so you don't think it was a fluke here are a couple of "100% crops". Strait out of the camera! No shit. I did shoot about 20 images and I would say 90% were fine in terms of focus accuracy and speed. I did blow two or three but I could blame me at least as much as the camera's systems. Like I said, you would think this thing is a complete dog when you read the reviews regarding AF speed but if you can't nail 90% of things you might want to shoot you are probably pretty much hopeless with any camera.

Does this thing make beautiful JPEG's or what?

Click on the image to see them in all their pixel peeping glory. Be sure to make sure the lightbox is showing you everything - there is an icon in the upper right corner to see everything if the lightbox is scaling it. These things have been JPG compressed like 4 times each via the camera, export from Aperture, import into Wordpress, and resizing for the small display sizes. Sheesh.


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