Worlds Most Trivial Interview

Hmmm, maybe that's not a good title. How about world's least informative article.  I am lost here, I have no idea why I even bother reading things from the "big names" in just about anything any more. Here is an "article" by PDN interviewing a well known fashion photographer. Take a glance - actually read it, don't be lazy it will only take you about 15 seconds.

Okay - here is the quiz. What did you learn? I hope not much, if you did god help us all. I learned something. If you want to be a big time fashion photographer you gotta gotta use SanDisk cards because they come with magic software, you need to buy Profoto and Broncolor lights and yo need to use a bunch of different stuff all mixed up depending on what mood your in but never just one.

Got it. Ten four. WTF?

Have you noticed that just about every "big name" publication on the planet is getting this way. Not just about photography. I mean all of the dead tree based media outlets. This is pitiful. Is this kind of trite nonsense supposed to be some incentive to maybe renew my long expired subscription to PDN. Is it some kind  of reverse psychology or something? Sort of "all the stuff we write on the web is shit so the stuff on paper must be better". Oh okay where do I sign up.

This is pitiful.


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