NYC - Kamil Needs Some Help

Our friend Kamil, Phd candidate, Aperture user?, 5D shooter, and proud new E-P1 owner is coming to the USA. He wants to know two things? What to shoot in NYC and where to go to see some good photography in NYC? Is there a short list? I certainly have my list but I never do, see, or shoot the same thing twice in NYC. The pic at the top shows a guy that I bought some photos/art from the 4 matched original crappy framed images on the top - the sort of fashion abstracts are what I bought for $10 a while ago. He sells purses to. My GF at the time bought a Marc Jacobs Yellow knock-off, was all the rage at that point.

Any way I thought some of you might want to chime in here. I have about 10,000 or more NYCimages. Some fantastic. I really do not feel like going through them for examples. I meanwhere do you start? I cannot possibly be succinct so do you guys have a short list? Here is my old view of central park from the 20th floor. Loved that place. Here is my old GF, she was a bit focused can you pick her out of the crowd. I swear you can lift your camera and shoot just about anywhere and make a decent shot. It's overwhelming.

So let's help him out - should he start with some galleries or museum mile?


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