Monday Boredom Blahs And Warning

As you know this site is more of a labor of love than it is a money making machine for me. I did start selling the eBooks at what I considered the best value around about 9 months ago. The feedback that I have received has been very positive along with some kind advice that I should hire a proof-reader. Yeah right, my budget is exactly zero. I do want to tell you that I appreciate every single person that has decided to purchase an eBook. I really really do. It does help offset some of the costs or running the place. So onto the warning.

WARNING - I know it upsets you people when I change something so here is a change. Look at the upper right corner. Yep it's an advertisement. Oh no - RB is going all commercial on us. No that's not it. I decided a long time ago I am not going to do the "Donate" thing for lots of reasons. I also decided that I do not want to be in the affiliate business. The internet is an ugly ugly place almost every single person that makes money doing the affiliate thing violates my own code of ethics for one reason or another, cookie stuffing is one of them. I promise you will not be cookie-stuffed, not that you could care less, it doesn't hurt you. It hurts the 3 people not doing it. So why the advert?

Well - because I do want to make a couple of bucks so I can tell my friends that it pays for my beer and more so I want you to buy and try the stuff that I think is the bee's knees. I know that I go on about printing stuff like books all the time. I do believe that photographers of all types have to print stuff. One of the things that I absolutely love is Moo. I have been buying their products by the boat load since I first tried them when they opened their doors in the UK. Quality is excellent, it's cheap, it's fun, they look great, and people you give them to love them. I actually will do a post entirely dedicated to Moo soon. I have been enamored with Moo cards and Moo Mini Cards for 2 years or more. Everyone I know that takes pictures is a big customer now. So I figured why not have you guys try them and get like .15 cents if you do.

I do promise I will only advertise stuff I use and love and think you might to. If you want to help me out over here, I do urge you to use the links when you go to pick something up that I have posted. Yea I know everyone wants you to do that. Well you decide but I will tell you that there is a 99% chance if you don't buy them immediately after using my link you will end up giving SOMEONE commission. If you even load the page of ONE discussion forum you will be paying someone that you don't even know via sig/image/whatever cookie stuff scam of the day.



Ps. Do the Moo thing - I will tell you all about how I end up using 1000's of these things a year. Cheap thrills!

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