Aperture 3 Organization eBook Customers

First - I wanted to thank all of you that have upgraded to the new version of the Aperture 3 eBook but this post is really for any new Aperture 3 Organization eBook customers since it's release a few days ago. That means anyone that purchased the new version at the full price for the first time.

For some reason two people have contacted me (out of way more than that) that told me they actually got the download for the OLD VERSION for Aperture 2. I have checked and rechecked all of the paypal links and cannot see an issue but I have fixed it so that can't possibly happen now. In any case if you bought the Aperture 3 version within the last week please please check the title - it should say Aperture 3, if it says Aperture 2 you got the wrong version. Please email me with your paypal email address and I will rectify the situation.

Thank You


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