David Alan Harvey - Micro 43 User - Who Knew?

I have been a big big fan of David Alan Harvey's work ever since I saw it in NatGeo when I was a kid. To tell you the truth he is sort of a long time hero of mine. His images speak to me a whole lot more than most. Never met him - we travel in way different circles, even when I was doing commercial work we were so far apart in the work we did it's not funny. To be very candid he has always been sort of a hero of mine.  I guess it's because he is one of the very few people where I say to myself that I would love to do what he does throughout his career this has been true.

No I mean that in just about every sense. I wish I could shoot the subjects he shoots and I wish I could shoot them as well as he does and and and, the list goes on and on. Anyway just got done visiting with a long time friend and photojournalist. As usual photography talk comes up - usually him asking me about some digital work-flow crap but this time I had something new - I told him about my E-P1 plunge. I thought this would blow him away - considering I never owned a point and shoot digicam ever. Nope he took it in stride and say "I'm sure it will work fine - David Allen Harvey shoots with a GF-1 a lot". I was like - really, I thought he was a Nikon and especially a Leica guy.

Yea maybe I am the only one in the dark that the quintessential minimalist was shooting a GF-1 but hey I don't follow a lot of gear related stuff. I have always understood and respected Harvey for his minimalist gear choices, his agnostic approach to imaging technology, meaning whatever works best for him and especially that he rolls with the punches in the rough and tumble photographic world of gear, digital, etc. He has a very basic approach and a very down to earth policy, use whatever he feels like using. Digital - film - whatever - Medium format. I have know that so I guess a GF-1 is not a stretch is it?

Would someone please clue me into these things before I go make an idiot out of my "bold moves" with my photographer buddies.


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