Olympus Micro 4:3 - I Took The Plunge

Remember I was looking for a small camera to jamb in the bag with my Leica M kit? I was thinking of a D5000, an Olympus 4:3, etc. Well after a few weeks of vacillating and fence sitting. I decided to get on with it and bought a Olympus E-P1. Yea I know I was gravitating towards the E-PL1 because as we all know that newer equals better in the digital world. I will tell you how I decided on the E-P1 and how it holds up in reality once I have some time with it under my belt.

The guts of all of the Olympus Pen digital cameras are pretty much the same with various firmware/software differences accounting for a large part of any feature differences. Yes there are some other improvements in the newer cameras. Apart from that there are materials differences. E-P1/P2 being lush and E-PL1 being hmmmm. not. I like metal it feels good and the E-P1 looks fantastic. There is no forking way I am paying for an E-P2 with the guts being the same - no way. Yea the E-PL1 can hook up an EVF but I am not that into it - if/when I am I will go for whatever is newer better at that time. I am not going to put a 300 dollar viewfinder on a 500 camera - actually the camera is a lot cheaper if you factor the lens cost that is included but NOBODY would buy it w/o the lens it cost almost the same for body only.

So I guess the logic is - I would rather the less bothersome interface and controls of the E-P1 and the nicer looking/feeling camera than I would the "option" of buying a 300 dollar viewfinder. If I love this thing we'll see what happens down the road. Oh there is one more factor - I found a brand spanking new E-P1 for 100 bucks less than the E-PL1. I downloaded full size images for both and they are the same sooo… for chump change I get a decent imaging device that cost less than my light meters and will fit nicely in my bag with the Leica gear.

The D5000 is just too damn big and on top of it all I found a bunch of raw files from the same shooter under the same conditions of the same subject and the E-P1 actually was BETTER so how can I go wrong? I guess I will let all of you know how it goes wrong as I figure it out. Wish me luck, you know I am a brutal critic of flaws.


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