Aperture 3 New eBook

Well it may be a day late and a dollar short but the Aperture 3 update to the Organization eBook is finally done and ready for download. I wish it didn't take me so stinking long. I swear I started it the week after Aperture 3 was release. I wanted to do a good job, I wanted to rephrase some of the things in the old eBook, and I guess I got distracted by numerous other of life's little obstacles. After all this is more a labor of love.

I did decide to raise the price like two dollars. After looking at all the other choices available it's still unique and the best value out there by a mile - in fact it is still the least expensive and I think one of the better guides out there if I do have to say so myself but I would also love to hear what you have to say as well. I am nothing if not receptive to your input.

Anyway - now it's like 22,000 words - holy crap - I try my best to say things succinctly. Here is the new advert page. If you are a prior customer for version 2 you should have received an upgrade offer for the price difference between old and new - yep just 2 bucks. If not - sorry, I sent them to your PayPal email.



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