Jeanloup Sieff Book - Get 'um While They Last

Some of you probably know that Jeanloup Sieff is one of my inspirations and has been since I was a young photographer in the 80's. His work spans decades and transcends his label as a "fashion photographer". Except for some of the well know iconic people that are in his images that for ever set a time - I feel that his work is as fresh and relevant as it was when it was first made.

I have written quite a bit about him and suggested a book titled Jeanloup Sieff 40 Years of Photography for those interested in seeing this man's work along with a highly engaging read to boot. Well way back when I mentioned this book I had no idea it was so much money nowadays and issued an apology.  At the time copies were pushing $500. Well I just happened to look the other day and guess what - there are a few copies available for $50. At 50 bucks this is a must have for anyone that likes photo books and photographer's monographs.

Check it out.


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