Japan Exposures - Really Great Blog

I know that most readers here are way way more interested in digital work-flow, and gear, and stuff like that but I thought I would share a blog I stumbled onto about 2 months ago and that I find a great read. Not just a one timer but this is one of the very few that are in my RSS feeds. There is a ton of great stuff here and the publisher continues to add new things constantly.

It is platform agnostic - it is not anything vs. anything, no film vs. digital, no Canon vs. Nikon, nada. Just great photography and topics related to photography. I guess one of the reasons that I am so drawn to it is it seems like people still like to make prints and books in Japan. You know how I am about prints and books. It's not a photography until it is on paper. Photography is not a web only exercise from my perspective.

Anyway - take a look there really is something for everyone and in a Place where photography seems to be a national sport or pastime, the quality and diversity of the photography will blow you away.


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