I Have To Go To Japan

I just love some of these Japanese photographers. They produce some of the coolest images with the most meager of gear. Should I learn the language first? I am actually serious about the Japan visit - even if just for a vacation and to see some of what I understand are a ton of photography exhibitions that are all over the place.

Anyway, remember this site I linked to a while ago that displays images of the cameras people carry around Tokyo? Well his latest post was about Michio Yamauchi's camera that he was carrying, an FM3a. One of the reasons that I love that site in addition to reassuring me that I am not the only nut shooting old cameras and film is that at least once a week I stumble across a photographer with really nice work. Check out Michio Yamauchi’s. You have to see the photos on his "news" page all of them are really cool but the jumping cat from below against the city scape is awesome, hurry before he updates it and it is gone.


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