A Woman's Rant On Wedding Photography

You have to check out this bride's rant on wedding photography. She directs her venom at certain wedding photographers but my take is more on the practice as a whole. If you get past her obvious anger and emotion, she actually has a very strong philosophical point. She really really does. I am not in the wedding business nor do I ever plan on being in the wedding business. I honestly couldn't do it. Not because I am some sort of elitist but because it is too freaking hard to do the kind of job I would want to do. Actually it is a hard hard way to earn a living any way you slice it, unless you are one of a few "rock star" wedding photographers.

If I was in the wedding business I would think really hard about the marketing angle here. No I am not being cold or calculating. I am really talking about connecting with the kind of customers that you really want to work with and a market segment that is, in my opinion underdeveloped. Let's call it the "Dove" market. Yea, yea, yea - I know all woman want to look good and there is definitely the segment that wants to look like a fashion model even if it has nothing to do with what they actually look like or even what actually happened at their wedding.

What I am talking about is connecting with a market of regular brides, that do not want a "cinematic" record of their wedding but instead wants great images of what actually happened and how the wedding actually looked, you know the kind of photographs your family actually treasures - the ones that capture and bring back the memories of the event itself - not memories of how the image was staged or directed. I am no expert but I believe the market is there, I guess it would be the photographers job to do the sell - to me it would be a fantastic way to "manage expectations" and have brides that are very very happy with the results. Plus you wouldn't have to worry too too much about hiring MUA's and models to demonstrate how wonderful people look when you photograph them.

I don't know, maybe I am completely wrong but… Take a look at the few photos of the Clinton wedding. They hired a freaking PJ for it - a Whitehouse PJ yet. Sounds like this may be the ticket to the "high-end" wedding that everyone is seeking.


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