New Apple Support Communities

Oooh - ooooh, I just can't wait for this to be out. Apple's latest wonderfulness, new support "communities". Read all about it here. You'll never guess this next part - are you ready - it is going to be more "social". But wait there is moreā€¦

And get this - you can soon earn "reputation" points - how innovative. WTF?

Really? I do try to help some of the seemingly cooler people with issues over there while I am waiting for my film to dry but you have got to be kidding me. I am going to have to deal with freaking "friends" and crap.

I really don't think it needs to be more fun - really I don't. What is making it more fun going to do - hey look ma a custom avi. Hey Apple how about making the search thing actually work well so the same forking questions don't come up 9,559,394 times?

Plus - that "social" crap is so yesterday in terms of time wasting while goofing off at work. Yea it's good for some people's "business" but really - most people are not producing product and selling it, most are just goofing off and are potential consumers that are "socializing". If you want to make a support forum more fun how about an alternate reality game interface like second life or something. You have to rob, cheat, and beat your way to the right answers or the people that know what they are doing? Then the have nots will have to work harder than the "haves". Now that would be cool. And instead of reputation points - let's have your cert tests on-line when registering for a community. Then everyone can get little dunder-head or brain-surgeon badges on their avi.

Hmmm. Maybe just have one of your cronies update the FAQ every month or so?


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