Has RB Gone Mad ?

Well maybe I have but since I moved the site hosting last week - after a prolonged outage - all of you ePeople out there should have been receiving beaucoup performance compared to before so… I figured I would use up some of that new found bandwidth and responsiveness with a bunch of javascript, and a dose of image orientation. No there really isn't a bunch of new stuff up there yet but there will be and I thought I would lay the groundwork for a more, hmmm, graphical experience.

I am far too lazy to go back through what seems like 200,584 posts and make all the required image changes and layout changes to look pretty but I have tested and everything should still work - it may not look great but going forward I hope to provide a more atheistically pleasing experience to all of you loyal readers and friends out there in internet-land.

If you have trouble please let me know - if you don't and want to let me know what you think of the new layout - please let me know what you think as well (you may hove to use your imagination a bit though - still a work in progress). To be honest, this was prompted not only by the boost in performance but also by a bunch of my friends/customers that I do visual work for teasing me about how "text-y" my site is.

Thanks for all your patience.


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