New Blog In Town - Les Picker

If you like nature and travel photography check Les Picker out - I just set up a blog/site for him about a week ago. It's brand new so don't expect a ton of past content but he has started regularly posting on the kind of stuff he is interested in. I helped him with batch uploading some old content just for testing and he has started putting new posts up. Right now he is traveling by plane, train, and automobile to remote areas of the Canadian Rockies, or the Yukon, or some such place that the temperature dips below 80 sometimes - In other words you will not find me there anytime before global warming does it's work up there.

Long story short is - he is a good friend. I did all the design work for him since he can't be bothered with such trivial technological crap - he is a fantastic photographer and if you are into the travel/landscape thing you may actually find some useful stuff over there.

This image at the top of the post is one of his - taken last winter/spring - when it was even colder up there. Some place like lake Mo-rain or some such place I have never heard of. Even I have to admit that the place looks like some sort of fantasy hallucination. The image is also a print that I am making for some of Les' print customers - yep he can't be bothered making prints either - he has me do it. Too too busy traveling and making photos for that stuff.

Anyway - let me know what you think if you have a couple of seconds.


Ps. He is a fellow Nikon shooter/Aperture user.

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