Safari Extensions - Help These Things Are Like Crack

There are only a few of them up but they are highly addictive - my favorite by far is Sessions or maybe it is Exposer. What you haven't downloaded the Safari update and haven't played with the Safari Extension Gallery yet? Holy crap, it's been out all day. Do it now and definitely check out Sessions - an amazingly slick way to save and retrieve an any combination of safari windows/tabs you want - I have like 24 different safari sessions saved that I flip back and forth already. Gallery - that to - sort of like a mini expose just for safari tabs inside of one browser window. You might want ultimate status bar to go along with that. Oh and EXIF data…

Sorry got carried away - just do it, load up some extensions and see what you think. Seriously these things are slick - I guess the one thing that I was missing being a Safari user was extensions - I cannot wait to see more. These are really slick - and unlike FireFox they all seem slick and high quality.


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