Interesting Take Via PDN

'Member we had that photojournalism, class 1, 2, and 3 wordy discussion the other day. Well this is completely tangential but I found it interesting. "Expert buyers" give advice to a PJ type photographer that wants to repackage what he does and has shot for "commercial" buyers. You may find it interesting.

Here are a couple of observations:

  1. DSLR PJ guy is switching to medium format film - sorry had to point that out.
  2. One "expert" took the goal the same as I did - sell images that he "wants" to make and does/has made for "his" projects to commercial buyers. The other "expert" interpreted it completely differently as wanting to sell his style to commercial buyers assuming he is now changing careers and will be shooting sets/models/etc - commercial shoots - NOT his projects but his clients projects and gives advise on how he should shoot some "commercial work" by recreating the mood of the work he actually does using the same methods she assumes he will be doing it in the future - hmmmm. Either she missed his goal or she did not but was giving him the reality of "sorry buddy - nice work but you are actually going to have to shoot work specifically for commercial clients - they can buy stuff like this all day from stock if that is what they actually used..." Time for shooting class 3 work...
  3. I guess he can't find any grants/NGO's this year - ooooops. the hazards of wanting to shoot class 1 or class 2 work. You do know that is how "pro" photographers shoot the stuff they want don't you? On the dole, unless of course you are S.S.

I also urge you not to take the "experts" words as gospel - they are notoriously absolutely wrong. How do I know this…?


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