Humor - Creativity - Limitations

I put up a long post yesterday that does a half baked job at summarizing a conversation had with one photographer - and similar conversations with dozens of them. Usually while drinking. Just so you don't think I am all work and no play - or too too serious, I thought I would summarize another conversation as well, this one is short.

A long time reader emailed me that stumbled across this aperture forum dialog - he thanked me for providing him with a good laugh, the only one he had all week (bad week).

What about the limitations part and the creativity part you ask? Well just so you don't get me wrong - I am all for creativity, experimentation, and happy accidents. They are wonderful tools for discovery, just not in the context of a "technical" question. Why do you think I still shoot a lot of film - sometimes slow film. How about manual focus. A lot of mistakes give me great ideas - just as they have given countless photographers great ideas in the past. Limitations in a lot of cases breeds real creativity.

How do you think all of you landscape guys started to shoot water at slow speeds? Most likely it was not part of the plan - it is now but not the first guy. He probably couldn't manage the shutter speed he really really wanted - most likely he would have dialed it up to ISO 400 or maybe his auto-iso settings would have for him. Strange DOF and focus point choices that turn out great - again most likely an accident of not having "enough" light and not having enough time to think it through to much - ohhh and not having auto focus that was really smart. Just some thoughts on limitations and how you might not want to always "overcome" them.


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