Photographers, The Web, and Stripping Color Profiles?

I will bet you can guess that this is yet another rant. Can any of you reading this post please, please, please, oh please answer some simple question? It is a two part question.

Part One - Why the hell do photographers in this day and age of mid-2010 continue to do what seems to me like the stupidest thing in the world - strip the color profile out of images that they post on the web on their own freaking web site?

Part Two - WTF?

On to the rant - way way way back in 2003 or 2004 I was in a workshop that had nothing to do with digital photography and as usual digital, computer, and internet crap came up. When this happens and I happen to be participating in a workshop on things NOT DIGITAL my freaking eyes literally roll back in my head. I can't stop it. Why? because I know what is coming next - usually ridiculous nonsense passed on from the presenter that doesn't know much about how anything actually works. Then it gets confused, convoluted, and voodooized beyond imagination into something that is completely different than what it started as. After this goes through 10 generations it becomes so ridiculous and treated like some sort of stone tablets brought down from the mountain by a prophet and stuck in an awe inspiring box with the power of god - then worshipped by countless generations till kingdom come (forgive the religious references - hyperbole).

So way way back - as part of the digital aside the speaker repeats the advice to make sure the image is sRGB AND THEN strip all of the color profile information to make sure it shows up CORRECTLY on the web. WTF? I knew this was idiotic back in the early part of this century. Yea I know a lot of browser users still have browsers that do not respect color profile data, and not many people have calibrated viewing environments - so the f#$% what - why why why why why do professional photographers (and non-pro's) - people that should know better - continue to this day to do this ridiculous counter productive exercise so that NO ONE ANYWHERE CAN POSSIBLY SEE THEIR IMAGES AS INTENDED?


Ps. Seriously I do want to hear from people that do this as to why they think it is a good idea - I promise I will not make fun of you. Promise!

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