Adobe ACR vs NX2 vs RB Aperture 3 Presets

DSC_9596Ap3_DaylightD200std.jpgDisclaimer - I still think Adobe ACR and camera profiles are a decent way of going about the RAW conversion business and that Apple has it's collective head up it's you know what when it comes to NEF processing but…

Being the ever color vigilant - I noticed something about the updates for the latest greatest ACR (supported versions) on some (not all Nikon NEF files). I am going to show you a camera that is near and dear to my heart and one that now seems to be broken - from my earlier testing and memory - it used to work in ACR 4.5, and 5 - The D200.

Let's take a look at three quick and dirty conversions, first up is the gold standard NX2 rendering daylight WB (not as shot) and Picture Control Standard.


Next up is ACR 5 using the same profiles, and daylight WB applied -updated with the latest updates - ooops what happened?


Finally Aperture 3 with my patented D200 NEF presets and my ultra secret sauce daylight WB preset.


Hmmm - looks like my way is now the winner. Maybe I should work on the presets some more like with curves vs the brightness/contrast sliders and start charging like ten bucks ;-)


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