Photoshop CS5 Follow-Up

I do not write a lot about Photoshop - honestly I do not use it for anything remotely sophisticated now. I make stupid logos, use it for a plug-in/filter consolidation platform as I described, a couple of printing tools that I find essential - like genuine fractals, but for the most part no big deal retouching.

A few people have emailed me about my last post to 1) thank me for pointing out the obvious - they were using BOTH Aperture plug-ins AND Photoshop - duhhhh and 2) Ask me my thoughts on CS5. Especially since I advised waiting - at least in the context of using it as a filter consolidation platform - as I do for the most part - namely with Nik Software. It is pretty useless if your filters/plug-ins are still 32bit. They wanted to know what I thought overall.

Here is the short version - I think it will be a worthwhile upgrade when all the pieces come together. I think the content aware fill is awesome - sort of wipes out a lot of what we all learned to do the hard way or the "right way". Amazing stuff for panos and such. What I cannot stand is the stability of it - or lack there of. If you complained about Aperture 3 - brace yourself. Both people that wrote me experienced the same issues as I did. Specifically it only runs for about 5 minutes, if that, before unpredictably consuming all available memory.

All of us running OS X 10.6.3 and 10.6.4 - doesn't matter. Here is how it goes - open up CS5 on a small 100Meg-ish image file, everything is fine memory stabilizes with CS5 using about 200-300 Megs, add a curves layer, maybe another one - everything fine still about the same. Select a new tool over in the toolbar or bring up a dialog - lots of seemingly random dialogs like say the new HDR toning, or color picker, or the lasso tool, with no seeming rhyme or reason - bam - CS5 is now gobbling down 3G of REAL ram with a giant virtual foot print for no apparent reason.

So three people that I talked to in the last hour have seen this - why is it not all over the web? Is it and my google is not working or something?

Anyone else know what is going on with CS5? For the most part I am sticking to CS4 for now.


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