Random Photography Thoughts of The Week

Les0020.jpgYou may know that I don't gush over equipment often. In fact I know I have too much "stuff" so even though there are a few lust items - mostly ridiculous things that I have wanted since my youth like that giant ParaFB. Take it seriously when I say that there is a lens I have come across that has my attencion. The image at the top was made by a friend of mine, you can tell because it is outside and not 10 feet away from my front door, oh and it doesn't have people in it which means it is somewhere in the middle of nowhere - not my favorite type of hangout.

The image is strait out of his camera using a lens that is one of the finest pieces of glass I have ever seen. Even at the relatively high price it costs. The brand, brand, brand new Leica may be as good or even a hair "better" at three times the cost but lacks the same features. I am sure the two are comparable - this is probably one of the best 24mm lenses for 35mm/FX ever made. The Nikon 24mm tilt-shift. Absolutely phenomenal. Check it out if you need fantastic glass - it truly blows me away compared to my okay lenses in that range.

On to the next thing - Have I just got some sort of vendetta from past experience or do the people at Apple have some sort of conspiracy to drive us all mad with nagging metadata issues? Has anyone noticed the couple that seem to be true across all cameras in Aperture 3? Like the Lens Model EXIF NOT being exported - ever. Does someone have any idea why this is true? Has anyone ever seen any Aperture 3 install on any camera actually export Lens Model in any format? WTF?

Last for Friday morning - I am long over my crazed want and desire for the Leica M9 - the answer for me is NO. I am perfectly happy with shooting film in my Leica cameras for now. I do still really really really want a small high quality portable digital kit with a largish sensor for many many reasons - more aesthetic DOF reasons than techno-nonsense. I guess I will have to wait - maybe forever. Until then I am thinking seriously of a D5000 for cheap and two large aperture fixed lenses as my point and shoot. Anyone try this sort of small P/S kit yet?


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