Quick Survey - Great Photographer Travel Notes

LesMountain.jpgHate to impose on all of you Aperture heads out there but I would really appreciate your input on something. If you have a minute I would like to know your thoughts on a topic that is of great interest to a good friend of mine. He is a fantastic travel/nature photographer and journalist. His bread and butter are shooting assignments for traditional print media outlets (won't name names right now - doesn't matter). I have been nagging and nagging him to bring himself into the 21st century and have finally convinced him to give it a try.

He travels all over the planet to really out of the way places - of course he will still do what he does while doing that. Namely he will shoot a bunch of images at hours way too early for my taste and end up with a couple fantastic giant prints. I have convinced him to do something else as well. Here is what I would love to know from all of you web iTravellers - Would you be at all interested in a daily blog report of his endeavors with a couple less than perfect documentary photos? The trials and tribulations of getting to the middle of nowhere - travel arrangements - experiences with lodging, equipment, failures of equipment, plan vs reality, what to do with wife and children while traveling on photo business, physical challenges, people he meets, etc, etc. The good the bad and the ugly - in real time?

I have convinced him to give this kind of thing a whirl vs just ending up with a couple page story and 10 perfect images that see the light of day. What do you think? Any other things you would be really interested in? If you have a moment I would love to hear your specific thoughts in comments as well.

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Thanks a lot.


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