Listen To These Photographers - Real Education

DSC_1172___Version_2.jpgI urge you to take a few moments, moments when you are not distracted by anything else, not tempted to click somewhere else, not distracted by your email and - watch these few short videos from photojournalists brought to use by the Sydney Morning Herald. You can learn a lot from listening to these people - more than you can by reading about lenses, the latest digital non-sense, or noise tests. Look at their photographs while they are speaking.

Here are the mini-interviews All of these people sum up the reasons I continue to say that photojournalism is the highest form of the art of photography - the one unique thing that still photography does that no other medium does. They also sum up the reasons I so detest what I used to do - commercial fashion. No matter what you shoot and why I guarantee you these people will help you and you will not regret spending the few minutes.

The first guy - Steve Christo is probably the photographer that I agree with everything he says and identify with the most, even though he shoots mostly sports - something i have no interest in. The second photographer - Brendon Esposito is spot on - even thought his opening contradictory comments are hopelessly false, the reason they are contradictory is a quintessential truth all thoughtful photographers wrestle with. All of them shoot amazingly powerful images and there are some themes that they ALL say - either implicitly or explicitly. Get close to your subjects if at all possible, both physically and psychologically (note focal lengths used for the best stuff). Really great images are really really hard to make and they have NOTHING to do with resolution, etc, etc, etc. Even being talented, dedicated, and doing it every single day for decades - they claim only a handful of really great images.

Please - watch and listen to this. A very rare moment when some people who know their stuff drop the pomp, and the bullshit, and provide invaluable photographic education.


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