Aperture 3 - Brushed Sharpening Export

If you visit the Apple Aperture support forum you may have noticed a couple of long running threads regarding an issue with the Aperture sharpening quick brush. The angry mob believes that there is an issue where this brushed in sharpening is not being exported. Over the last two weeks I have worked with more than a few people that thought they were experiencing this "issue". Here are my findings.

First off - I do not want to claim that this is the end all be all answer to this but I am willing to publish it based on every single case that I have looked into turned out the same and I see the same thing on all of my own Aperture 3 installations. If you are experiencing something different than I describe please do not hesitate to contact me via email - I would love to get to the bottom of this. So far the bottom line is - Aperture is not guilty, the brushed in sharpening is being exported exactly like it appears within Aperture - with one caveat - when viewing the suspect image at reduced size within Aperture vs say Preview the effect is exaggerated. Here is what you can do to show this clearly.

  • Brush in your sharpening and view it at 100%
  • Export that image as a full size tiff (just to eliminate JPEG compression but it doesn't really matter)
  • Open the exported image in preview and view at actual size (command - zero)
  • Look at them side by side both at 100%

In every case doing this has shown identical results The sharpening is present and identical in both images- the "issue" comes in when you view the images at a reduced size to fit on the screen. When you do this the reduced image within Aperture shows the sharpening much more clearly than Preview. Why is this? most certainly it is due to the resizing method used - what is broken? In my opinion nothing. This kind of thing has always been the case when smashing down a big image to view on screen - different software will produce different results.

Again I would love to see a case where the brushed sharpening is actually not being exported.


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