Aperture 3 File Management eBook - Thank You

DSC_1103___Version_2.jpgIt has been about a week since I released the Aperture 3 update of my file management eBook. I have been overwhelmed at the response of people that already purchased the last version that have upgraded to the new version for the low low price of a buck. Some of you that got the upgrade offer have actually paid the full price on purpose - for no good reason except generosity. I wanted to write a quick note to thank everyone for their continued support that bothered to upgrade.

What was completely unexpected is that about 72% of people that got the upgrade email purchased the upgrade. Wow, I was expecting more like 10%. The rationale for my upgrade price was to be fair to everyone that purchased the book in the past. Most of the updates were "pretty much same church - different pew" with a couple of new things based on change functionality. I figured that I priced the first one way way too low and also figured everyone should end up paying the same amount for the new one, no matter when it was purchased.

The other thing that I found strange was that I have received very little feedback (good or bad) regarding the new version - I received plenty of feedback about the upgrade price - overwhelmingly positive - with ONE bit of strange feedback that I will not bother to repeat because I truly didn't understand it. Something about upgrading a different eBook that was not purchased for the upgrade price of a buck or something like that. Oh well. I hope to get some feedback (good or bad) sooner or later.

On another note - I will be releasing the new version of the organization and work-flow eBook soon and have been thinking a lot about how to deal with that one. The option that keeps floating to the top is this:

A tiered upgrade offer - simple but tiered. One upgrade price (cheap) for those that EVER purchased the Aperture 2 version and another price for those that purchased the old version after Aperture 3's release (even cheaper). My rationale for this is that there is a lot more new content (vs just revised) for things that did not exist at all. I think I am going to go with this unless there is an outcry of "go stuff yourself" - in which case I will put some more thought process to it.


Sincere thank you for all of you that have upgraded - the support is appreciated.


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