Digital - Exceeding Preconceived Notions of Humans

I ran across this from a tweet from one of the very few people I follow on twitter. I am not much of a "twitterer". I rarely post anything and definitely don't spend my life recording what inane things I happen to be doing, which appears to be - mostly twittering for twitterers. Reminds me too much of phone conversations I overhear my teenage daughters having - "What are you doin' - nothin', what are you doin', oh - nothin', I'm bored - me too, what do you want to do - nothin'"

Back on topic - I do not jest when I say that capabilities and pace of technology is beyond the ability of human beings to really grasp. Even the most open minded, tech savvy, ex-technology guys that went to school for physics, math, and comp sci really don't quite "grasp" the pace - we can rationalize and put things into quantities and words but that is not what I am talking about. I am talking about the metric system effect - I know the metric system - heck I wasn't allowed to use non-SI units in any professional endeavor or in any classroom - EVER. The fact is I live and grew up in the USA - therefore my head works in miles, feet, yards, gallons, MPH, etc. In other words I do not think in system Internationale .

How many people that use and depend on computer technology really grasp how the landscape has changed so dramatically it is like another world since the not so long ago "open/free/gnu" software movement? Being human beings all of us are subject to this in ability to fully grasp the rate of change, even if we can intellectually "understand" it. This is not limited to "old people" - the rate of "everything that used to be known truths is now wrong" affects everybody.

Here is something that sort of drives that point home - not in a trivial way but in a more profound way. It isn't just the iPhone4 - it is the fact that it is being compared to something that was only mind blowing like yesterday. It is also profound in what it is NOT being compared to.

iPhone 4 versus Canon 7D from Take Zero Productions on Vimeo.



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