Aperture 3 File Management eBook - Finally

GLMedia_491.jpgWooooo hoooooooo, heeeeeee haaaa. Finally I am finished the updates for the definitive guide to Aperture 3 file management. Sorry for how long it took, I thought that it would be easy but I was wrong. I told you about my little bout with the dreaded spring fever but that's not the whole story. Not only my perennial distraction caused by the mix of warm weather, blue sky, water, pollen, flowers, etc. caused the lethargic release of the update. It was also a matter of how much work that I did not expect to do. Yea Aperture 3 works the same way Aperture 2 did - except for a lot of subtle differences. I took them in stride while using Aperture 3, quite naturally as a long time Aperture devotee but when it came to writing them down. That's another matter altogether.

The Aperture 2 guide to file management started out at 11,000 words. It's now almost 19,000 words for Aperture 3. There is almost nothing that did not require revision - either due to changes and new features in Aperture 3 or because I wanted to add some things here and there or to explain a few things just a little bit better. I expected a light touch up - I was wrong. Don't worry - if you have this stuff down pat there are no earth shattering new revelations but I do go into a bit of a discussion on multiple libraries, RAW+JPEG, and some other minor stuff that was not in the Aperture 2 version of the eBook.

So how do you get it? Well it is right here on the Aperture eBooks page. The old version is no longer available - it is now a collectors item (or not). If you really want the old version shoot me an email. But wait - what's this? The stinking price went up by a whole dollar - what the F?

After reading the drivel that is pumped out on all subjects digital photography and Aperture within days of it's release I figured I could get away with adding a buck to the price. It still is the best value available for any eBook on any subject in the universe. The truth is I did it to be fair to all of the people buying the old version since the release of Aperture 3. Here is the deal - if you want the new version and never got the old version it is now costs a whole dollar more. You can grab it as of right …. Now.

If you already bought the the old version, ever, yesterday or two years ago you will be getting an email from me shortly that contains a way to get the new version for… wait… here it comes… ONE DOLLAR. Everyone ends up paying the same price no matter when they bought it. The only way to get it for a buck is via the email. Give it a day or so - if you don't get one of the special coupons just email me but it must be with the email that you used for your original paypal payment for the old eBook.


Ps. I do my best but I am sure there are some errors, even though I go through and actually test everything exactly as I have written it. I would be forever grateful for those that point them out. I will correct the errors/omissions and send you a new copy as well.

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