iPad - Still Waiting For "The Killer" Photo App

I have big hopes for the iPad. I really do. I will tell you one thing - it is fantastic for web/audio/video content consumption - eBooks? we'll see. I just am not attuned to the eBook consumption on the iPad yet. Love it for reference PDF's but not long format word for word reading of 1000's of pages. I am not there yet.

I am still waiting for someone to deliver the killer app for us photo guys. I am sort of stunned that we'll have iMovie for the iPhone before, apparently, a really killer app for photographers. I am thinking sort of a Nikon Camera Control Pro combined with Aperture-lite with fantastic online/web/social media/blog/journalism integration features. And give me control over a dozen cameras as well, with real time live view. I am feeling it - I just cannot believe it's not here.

Heck I know Objective-C, maybe I'll have to do it myself - but with my luck the moment I get something even test ready - blam - Apple and it's considerable development resource will put it out there with a couple things I haven't thought of for $2.99.

Anyone out here using his/her shiny new iPad with their camera? Did I miss the boat? Yea I know about OnOne DSLR remote - it's okay but certainly not the killer iPad app. Anyone using that or something else to get real work done in the field?


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