TGIF - No Matter What the Week Was Like

144a9ky.jpgHope all of you have a fantastic weekend. I certainly plan on it. I am actually going to shoot some images this weekend. Maybe even of a guitar. Maybe even work it into a screencast work-flow lesson for Aperture 3 next week. I am feeling quite energetic. If you are not shooting enough (happens to me a lot) what gets you motivated to shoot?

For me most of the time it is something internal in my brain that goes click. Part of my bipolar nature I guess. Sometimes it is something external, some sort of outside motivation. I have been thinking for a while about what I could do to provide some outside influence or motivation to others out there to shoot more. A week or so ago I decided to shoot at least one decent image of a guitar. I personally have never taken a good one and most I see do not capture the essence of the object. It is harder than you might think. For whatever reason this got me motivated to shoot gaggles of images last week. No good ones but at least I am making progress on it and they started to evolve - environmental factors seem to be key in what I am trying to do with these images. Little tiny snippets of ambient surroundings that give a feel that I want. That and obviously the right composition and angles and light on the subject itself.

To connect the two ideas I was thinking… Do you have hobbies/interests that you don't try to capture the essence of with your photography? Maybe because it is to "intellectual", "cerebral", "conceptual", just plain difficult to do? If so how about a little mini online exposition of readers photographs of their hobbies/endeavors that ARE NOT the only subject matter they shoot - but more of the ones that they DON'T. Example - if you love camping and the outdoors - NO LANDSCAPES, how about your fishing rods instead if you like fishing. Something like that. I'll host it and if we have a dozen or so people that want to participate it will be fun and educational in a lot of ways to each other but more importantly to yourself.

Any takers? Maybe we will make it some sort of contest with a prize based on votes or something?

On another note, I know that all of you are not musicians but a heck of a lot of you are here is a great example of why us whacked out guitarists routinely do not use traditional musical notation - it can be worse that useless in some cases. Personally I am not a good sight reader but I am educated and assure you this is quite accurate (well sort of - missing all the really important stuff like nuance and HOW that makes it what it is). A special prize goes to the first one to figure out what song is at the top of the post is the very first part of the intro to.



Ps. For the not so musically inclined - you are not left out. Today is stupid subconscious pun day. There are three of them in this post. Special prize if you caught them.

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