Long Time No See...

I have been quiet lately. Mostly because I have been idiotically busy with some other endeavors some of which are a wee bit more profitable than this web site. Not only that but I have also been playing my guitar (badly) since I started airing out my amps a week or so ago. Like usual I just about have my calluses back - almost. Now is about the time that I will get busy and distracted and all the crap will go back into storage for another year.

Enough of that - Did everyone install the latest Aperture 3 upgrade that recently came out? I did and it pretty much cures just about anything that was causing me grief. YMMV but Aperture 3 has come a long long way in a very short amount of time in my estimation. I am almost in digital photographic nirvana - almost. Now I may just have to upgrade to CS5 for my 64bit goodness from end to end. I know that I will - the big question for me is whether I wait until any of the plug-ins that I use are also upgraded or do it now. I use photoshop to package the couple of plug-ins from Nk that I use in a nice convienient one file wrapper with the added bonus that I can go back an tweak any of them after the first edit. I'll write a bit on that later when I have a few moments.

One of the things that occurred to me this week related to Aperture 3 was that for the most part I do not use Aperture a whole lot differently than I ever did. I don't know if this is an indicator of a really great design and feature set from the get go or just my human nature of doing things the same out of habit. The one exception to this is that ever since Aperture 3 hit my computer I have been spending more and more and more time in Aperture 3 full screen mode. Even on my big monitor. I think I will try to spend a little more time focused on using some of the Aperture 3 specific features a little more and see if I can improve my workflow just a wee bit more. If any of you folks are using Aperture 3 way differently than you were using Aperture 2 I am sure that we would all love to hear about it.

One other thing occurred to me while I was posting guitar silliness last week - I have never taken a decent image of any of my guitars - EVER. I haven't really tried. I have Ebay quality images but nothing at all decent. More like evidence photos that the gear actually exists. I think I will give it a shot this week and try to do something with a little atmosphere that doesn't take too much setup and production. Guitars are extremely challenging subjects to photograph and convey their beauty and presence in a two dimensional space. Sort of like photographing women competently - not easy.

Take a Fender Stratocaster for instance - this is one of the most beautiful pieces of sculpture ever created. If you have only seen pictures of one then you have no idea what one actually looks like. Well, maybe a vague idea but it in now way compares to the sumptuous beauty of the real thing in 3D. At least I have never seen a photo of a Stratocaster that gives me the same impression as the real thing. Maybe this will be a good summer non-project for me. It will teach me some things about making photographs and keep me playing.

Before you ask - the answer is NO, I have never ever photographed a woman and a guitar in the same image - I have no plans on ever doing so. Has anyone ever done this that doesn't look like the cheesiest image ever?


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