Inspiration From Another Genre

DSC_1056.jpgAs part of my annual ritual in the spring - sort of my version of spring cleaning once it is warm enough for me to open the windows I have the perennial airing out of the amps. That and I cannot even move my semi-arthritic old man fingers well until it warms up.

So yesterday I was firing up all of my beloved guitar amps so they could breath a little. God they sound so good. The Marshall, The 1965 Fender Twin, The Heartbreaker, the Victorilux, The Lonestar Special - all so very very sweet and very very different. Well the Lonestar had an issue - I am theorizing it't the rectifier tube and I don't happen to have a 5Y3 on hand - I could jamb a bigger one in, that's supposedly safe but… If it is something else I do not want to deliver more current. Any whoooooo….

I ran across this while searching for some info on diagnosing the Lonestar - I love this some of my best performances were me and another guy in a music store - so raw. Ahhhh.. back in the day when the local music store was sort of like a little improv gig. If you were ever a local musician you will know what I am talking about. Andy Timmons however takes it to a whole new level - check it. This is raw unbelievable live performance at it's most basic. Inspiring. If you never heard of the guy he is pretty freaking good. I love the one comment on this clip - "Freaking brilliant - I never heard of this guy before". I do believe he was in Danger Danger before he went solo a ways back.


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