Bye Bye Wordpress - Maybe?

Remember the other day when my site was down for say oh….. most of the day. Yep it was freakin' Wordpress again. It only took me about an hour to debug and fix but considering I do this for free and had somewhere else that I had to be when I discovered the hacking… I left and fixed it later.

Now here is the deal - I am a little unconventional in that I hate typing in a little crappy web text box, I hate the available image upload utilities for WP, I hate all of it. So I used a kludged together system where I can post a google doc which then posts to my WP blog - unfortunately the entire chain of WP specific crap was put together by shoemakers or something - definitely not technology people so it barely works. This has nothing to do with the site hack but the site hack is a symptom of the same set of issues. A bunch of really crappy ugly code black taped together.

Combine that with the popularity of Wordpress and the relentless searching of better programmers for hacks of any site that gets more than like 2 subscribers and it is a pain in the a$$. Now - my Apache site itself seems secure enough - never been hacked - my unix install seems secure enough - never been hacked - etc. The only thing is WP. The funny part is that the hacks have in all cases been exploits of the PHP, not the surrounding technology. I am not even very careful about the surrounding technology - I just make sure things have passwords that is about it - in fact you can find many many things open on my systems that "shouldn't" be - I wish these had something to do with the WP exploits - they don't.

Anyway - I fooled around for about 15 minutes this weekend and converted EVERYTHING. Now I have not had a chance to write all the CSS/SASS along with some other stuff but all of my content is there and all my metadata is there and I can serve it dynamically or statically and… and… check it out at my current domain or even the weird and whacky wonderfulness that allows me to host it at Github with a git push - amazzzing. Wow now I can use any editor I want.

So - If I do not become un-pissed-off in the next day or so I am giving Wordpress the heave-ho. If any of you ever wondered why I have not put up a better discussion system/forums/etc it is mostly because of my complete distaste for the mess of a disaster that is Wordpress PHP and all the crap that goes along with it. Themes - plug-ins - all of it. With very few exceptions it is complete crap. I cannot stand to mess with it so I avoid it. If I do convert to homegrown technology I will probably spend a couple hours integrating some decent forums - discussions - etc - etc.  If you think it is not a giant mess take a look the CSS for this site (yea I stole it and hacked it for my needs but I would never bother to make it nice - look at the ugliness) Wordpress - "code is poetry" my ass.


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