Another Example Of Why I Am Not A Landscape Guy

DSC_1054___Version_2.jpgThis is the morning to which I woke today. I shot this from my upstairs balcony while smoking my first cigarette of the day - for you non-smokers that is the only one that counts and is probably the sole reason why us smokers do not just quit. When I say I shot this while smoking I mean that literally - cigarette in same hand as lens hand. You would be surprised at some of the things us guys that smoke can do while smoking that have had 30 years experience.

Needless to say I shot three frames put the camera down and went downstairs to have my first cup of coffee for the day. For you non-coffee drinkers - also the best and that was with cigarette number 2. Coffee+cigarette+morning=bliss. Another reason we smokers don't give it up.

A reasonably decent landscape guy would have RAN down to the river with the most appropriate camera/lens/film/etc in his/her underwear to get a decent shot. A really good landscape photographer would hike 22 miles and camp out on the beach for 3 weeks until this atmosphere happened - well the guys I know do that. I would have to bring an entourage with me to keep me from going crazy and by the time the shot "happened" there is a 80% chance I would be either ripped from partying or have way too nasty a hangover to even see. Same reason I don't fish. Come to think of it landscape photography is a whole lot like fishing.

I am glad that I went for the coffee vs. underwear  and beach - the scene was gone by the time I walked downstairs poured my coffee and walked out onto the front porch. This would have been the one that got away. Like most of them. I did however provide a digital simulation of what I would have done had I run down to the beach sans clothing. I shot it at daylight WB - same color temp as film and I cropped to the same aspect ratio as my Hasselblad XPAN.

Now to finish it off I am going to photoshop a tiny cup of coffee and a tiny cigarette onto the bird and call it art. It is not a landscape image it is now an image of the bird on the wire enjoying nature the same way I do. Yes there is a bird watching the same scene on the wire in the foreground - hard to see at web size but is perfect and in proportion at larger sizes - I am going to print it when it is done at about 3 feet wide.


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