Some New Sample Papers Available

2000009_08_Nuetral.jpgYou probably know this but in case you didn't I used to love some of the old Agfa black and white papers. Really love them. They were unique and some images just lent themselves to these unique papers. I recently tried the new Adox MCC and it is dead on Agfa MCC with one exception - the base is bayarta - bright white vs natural. The emulsion color seems identical so does the surface of the glossy. I even like it better for some prints. That is why I started selling the sample prints in the first place.

By popular demand - actually just a few people I have decided to expand the number of papers I am offering as sample prints. I am adding a couple today and will add a couple over the next few weeks.

The first is a really really nice paper that is so much like Agfa 118 it is not funny. In every way - emulsion - base color -surface color - every way. It is Foma FB Variant IV 123 Velvet Semi-Matte - that is a mouthful - neutral base - not bright bright white with an emulsion tone similar to the MCC Adox. The surface combined with the subtle colors is what makes this paper very special. Great stuff.

The second paper is a super warmtone - very very very different. Foma FB Cream Base Warmtone Matte - really cool.

They are available now with the same image selection as before. Over the next few days I will be adding some additional images of subject matter that has been requested - still life - landscape - architecture that I think will print well on the papers that I am offering as samples - when they are available I will be introducing another two papers as well, I am just fine tuning the image selection to fit across all three.

Hope you enjoy them.


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