Check This Nikon Out - Seventy Bucks

DSC_1037___Version_2.jpgThis has to be the best condition, least used, camera I have ever seen that was not bought and hoarded by a "collector".  This is a Nikon FM, not an FM2 which means that it was made between 1977 and 1982. That is really old and this is a black paint version - yep that is black paint over brass - not plastic and not anodized. Typically cameras that have had more than a couple rolls of film through them and actually shot have "brassing" this one has NONE. Unbelievable. Regular FM's in black are a whole lot fewer than chrome - black examples this clean are ultra rare.

I got this one with the lens shown for $70 including shipping! The film rails, pressure place and all of the internals are pristine - the viewfinder is cleaner than my D3- no crap. I wish I had the facilities to take a picture so you could see. Think daughter No. 1 will like it? I hope so I am giving it to her tomorrow with an old tripod, a couple of rolls of TRI-X, PLUS-X, and maybe that Vivatar 17-28 that I got for free. I figured she might considering how much fun she is having with that Fuji Instax she bought a couple of weeks ago - that and she asked me to teach her to make black and white prints.

If you are not familiar with the FM - think Pentax K1000 only better typical Nikon build quality and ruggedness. The really cool thing that the FM can do is mount Non-AI lenses - the FM2 cannot.


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