Aperture 3 - The Blind Leading The Blind

A little humor for today so please take this as it is intended - a light hearted comment on human nature, mine include. So… as many of you know I try to participate on the Apple Support Forum for Aperture. I am not one of those people that signed up there the very first day I started using Apple products. I signed up specifically to ask a question to other users since my pro-care support contact (the old really good pro-care - not the new one that is worthless) had not a freaking clue on a problem I was having using Aperture way back in the day when I was shooting commercial work. Long story short - I stuck around because it became apparent that there were not a lot of people that used the crap out of Aperture like I did. I figured I would help if I could - hence this website a few years ago.

My usual M.O. is to surf the first page of the forum and see if there are unanswered stuff that I can point people in the right direction. There are certain subjects I shy away from because I am sick of typing the same sentence over and over and it is simple and will get answered in about 5 mins anyway. I do this while I am at my computer waiting on "stuff" and have time.

Lately - after the Aperture 3 release I find myself surfing Aperture forum less and less - more like every few days. Why? The chaos of all the new users and the idiotic questions and all of the idiotic answers that go along with it. A total mishmash of wrong questions, wrong answers, irrelevant discussion - chaos. To much stress. The really not so funny - funny part is when a bunch of people asking and answering exactly wrong come to agreement that wrong = right. So I shoot over there every couple of days.

The punch line - there are a few voices of reason over there - I do not know how they do it. Matthew B. is one of them. What struck me as funny today was one of the usuals posting the topic "please watch the tutorials before posting" Haaahaahaa haahahaha.

Funny stuff - and I thought I was the only one smacking my forehead while my eyes rolled into the back of my head. The good news is it seems like Aperture 3 has a market.


Ps. If you are in the right mood the funniest shit is posted by the Lightroom experts who are now Aperture experts.

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