Shooting Film - Email Questions and Other Crap

2000_022_23.jpgMy crazy little experiment in providing samples of Adox MCC 110 has been successful. We'll it has been successful for my definition of accomplishing what I wanted to do - give people the opportunity to see real black and white paper in their own hands for cheap. My other definition of successful was that I could actually handle fulfilling the orders in the context of my own printing sessions. So far so good but I have been getting some questions about the sample prints - one of which I will address with and answer and the others I will address with a change to the sample print choices.

First off - I wanted to clarify some things I wrote in this post that I have received a few emails about. The difference in print exposure for the two scans shown was about 1/2 stop of print exposure on grade 2.5 paper. Yes print exposures of 1/2 stop make a huge difference - it get's bigger as you up the contrast. Part B of the question was related to "contrast" - the scans are raw scans strait off my really crappy flatbed scanner of the two under and over prints with NO contrast adjustment so they look a bit flat on your screen - visually in person the blacks are black - not grey. I did not want to monkey with them so I didn't.

Now for the real news - I have received lots of special image requests and so far have accommodated them as best I could but… that takes a lot of time for me if I have not printed the negative on that paper before - it also causes some waste that I was not planning on. The biggest request was not for a particular image it was for a particular kind of image - namely something very wall-arty - my words. Specifically landscape-y, still life-y, architecture-y, etc. So… I am going to add a few negatives to the selection that hopefully meet that criteria.

The other thing I am going to do is add a few more papers that I have been experimenting with to the selection. The papers for now will be pretty much a good selection of the Foma fiber based papers with various warn/neutral/white bases and a couple of surfaces. These are really nice and again are so similar to a lot of the old Agfa papers that it is unbelievable. Really nice stuff. Price will be about the same - namely a great deal since  it covers materials and shipping and that is about it. I think you will be very happy with them if this kind of thing is up your ally. Any body who has them feel free to chime in.

On another front - Some of you know that Kodak announced the discontinuance of TRI-X TXP in 120 and 220 only. This is not a huge deal but a bit of a pain in the ass for some of us. I used to shoot it occasionally in 120 - not my main film but it was kind of nice when I shot medium format along with TXP in large format because the exposure and curve was so similar (not exactly but very close). So I could go with one set of meter readings and exposure notes for both formats. I still shoot TXP in large format as that is not discontinued and reports are that it sells very well but am pretty much done in 120.

I for one will not be stock piling TXP in 120 - a lot of source are already out - that is amazing. I do not feel like the storage headache. The fridge is not the issue - background radiation is so… if you are stockpiling don't forget your lead lined bags. I do think it is a shame that Kodak cannot justify production of TXP in 120 and now that the 220 is gone there is NO MORE 220 at all in black and white. Call it the end of an era. RIP.

Now for the good news - the Kodak EKTAR 100 is about the most amazing stuff you ever shot. New last year and more formats this year - 35mm, medium format 120, 4x5, and 8x10. Wow. If you shoot color give it a try - I think you will be amazed - no wonder Hollywood likes this stuff so much (that is who the original emulsion was developed for - it is called Vision or something). Honestly you could probably shoot this instead of slides if you shoot landscape-y stuff. The cool thing is that the color is really punch but it still renders great skin tones.

If you were missing Kodak HIE - check out the sorta new Efke IR820 - Freestyle has it and here is the kicker - it now has NO ANTI HALATION LAYER - so the look is dead on for HIE. You can also do things you never could do before with the long gone Kodak HIE - not only 35mm but medium and large format as well. I tried the 35mm and it looks just like HIE - looks like I will be buying some bigger film to.



Ps. Top image - grab shot of daughter No. 3 in an unusual state. Note the lollipop grip - that is normal for her, god knows what possessed her to hold lollipops and popsicles by the wrong end but she did - always.

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