Misadventures In Photography

2010_0002_700.jpgHere is what happens when I get frustrated in the dark - those marks on the top of the frame are fingernail marks from me saying "F THIS"  after 10 minutes of screwing around with a 4x5 film holder that I thought I had "fixed" a year ago. No big deal it was just me screwing around with negatives for a new print process I am experimenting with. Since I had five other negatives I was developing at the same time I just chucked it in with the rest.

I thought that some of you out there that think everyone but you is perfect might get a laugh out of this. Go ahead - after my fit of rage I get over it real quick and never take myself too seriously. Life is too short. The other thing I thought you might find amusing was a guy with so obviously little patience shoots large format - ha ha. People sometimes mistake my obsessiveness for patience - they are two very very different characteristics that have a tiny bit of overlap. Even you digital only people should find this amusing - in a different way.

So - why do I shoot large format then? It looks different. The tonality is unique. I can use beat up lenses with no coatings and are in the process of separating from the 1920's - with strange designs and stranger aberrations that also provide a very unique rendering. Take a2010_0002_crop.jpg look at this crop. The print from this would be about 4 feet high. This is also the grainiest film I shoot - really - it does not get much grainier than this in this developer. This film is even grainier than TRI-X (which is not really a grainy film contrary to popular urban legend - at least it has not been for decades).

Enjoy - The joke is on me.


Ps - My P-O-S flatbed does no justice to large format - I print this stuff on real paper - sometimes paper I coat myself with platinum or other odd do-it-yourself processes.

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