Aperture 3 - New Screencast - Faces

Okay - so here is something that might surprise you. I am actually using Faces - not to the extent that Matthew Bergsma is - check him out but I am using it none the less. I still thing Apple has a lot of work to do with the UI but here are my suggestions on some of the ways to use Faces most effectively.

I did this screencast the same day that I did stacks and albums - I decided to release it a little later because I wanted to get some feedback on the first one before putting this out there. I took some suggestions from that you had from the couple that I put up on Places and books and color and incorporated them into stacks and albums. Namely - go slower - use menus instead of shortcuts - etc. My biggest worry was that I was going too slow - heck this one is 20 minutes on Faces but the feedback that I have gotten so far has been positive so here is the Faces screencast.

By all means keep the feedback and suggestions coming - I want to make these as useful as possible. You can get the screencasts here.


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