Wooo Hooo - Aperture 3.0.2 Update.

If you haven't checked your updates today - you might want to. I told you these things would be coming out fast and furious now that the Aperture team is not so busy with the writing Aperture 3 in the first place. We'll have to see what this fixes but I will bet you it is more than the description tells us - like usual.


Ps. What this thing lists is fantastic - upgrade and import of old libraries, the folder hierarchy import issues - faces fixes - wow yea - print presets - finally import of color labels from XMP - yes yes (I was wondering when metadata was going to become useful in multi-app work-flows -more IPTC fixes - yes (look for an upcoming article on this and work-flow if it acutally works the way it should.)  Probably a bunch of stability/crash funkiness fixes too.

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