New Aperture Screencast - Stacks and Albums

I have probably written more on Apple Aperture's stacks and albums than on any other topic. I use stacks and albums for just about everything in terms of organizing my images and streamlining my work-flow. What surprised me is that some of the people that have read the posts here on stacks and albums still were having a tough time understanding how stacks and albums work together.

Here is the first in a series of Screencasts on Aperture 3 that will be short - cheap - and hopefully very helpful. I have decided that instead of doing one big giant video that is like nine hours long I would instead tackle various aspects of Aperture 3 in small doses that are easy to understand and not too too long. This one is about 15 minutes.

As a charter customer of my screencasts you will get the exclusive right to complain at me for everything I did wrong or not good enough and I will listen. As an added bonus the customers for the first screencast will get any revisions I make to that one based on their feedback free. If you act now and I end up completely redoing it I will also give you the next screencast absolutely free as well.

Does that sound enough like a late night television commercial?

All kidding aside - I really am interested in hearing the good bad and ugly - I do want to make these things as helpful as I can.


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