Leica Conundrum Or Lens Anxiety

As a lot of you probably know I do love my rangefinder cameras and thought that I would probably buy an M9 by this point. I am not at all interested in an M8. Well before I plopped down my hard earned money I decided to shoot for a while with my old film Leica's instead - just to see if I really could justify an M9 purchase.

Guess what - not only have I decided that I do not want an M9 - at least not a $10,000 M9 but I am actually shooting more 35mm film than I am digital for about the last 4 months. Yes I still shoot digital but I am shooting my M6 cameras more than my digital. I really love these cameras and I really forgot how much I like the way film looks. So for now I am sticking with my film gear in terms of shooting rangefinders.

Based on my advanced rationalization skills acquired through a lot of practice I have determined that I can buy anything I want since I saved $10,000 by not buying an M9. What I have decided is that a super-wide for my M cameras is quite necessary. I don't want anything outrageous like a 15mm - I have a 14mm for my Nikon film and FX digital bodies that is just fine and a bit too wide for "general purpose". I want a 21mm.

My choices are either a Leica ASPH new - NOT the 1.4 and NOT crappy new budget one - the real one. A brand new Zeiss - again NOT the 1.4 but the small one or… The Voigtlander. I have pretty much settled on the Voigtlander - it is downright cheap and astoundingly good compared to SLR wide angles but I keep trying to get over the fact that I have only ever used Leica glass on my Leica cameras - I keep having visions of my self HATING every image that the thing pumps out but continuing to use it because it is good enough. I know that this is stupid. Still somehow I am having trouble pulling the trigger on the Voigtlander.

Anyone out there have one of these things that can tell me to just go ahead and get the freaking thing already and be done with it?


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