Aperture 3 - Over A Month Of Abuse

DSC_9551.jpgNo Aperture 3 has not been abusing me - It has been the other way around. I do have to say it was a bit of a rocky first month but most of the catastrophic issues have been resolved. Yes there are some annoying bugs but nothing that is a show stopper for me. I am confident that even those annoyances will be resolved soon. The bottom line is that I am working faster than ever in Aperture 3 and that is good enough for me to declare it a win.

The big surprise is for me is that my initial impression of Faces was totally wrong. Once I figured out how to use it effectively I can see how big of a time saver it will be for a lot of shooters - including me. Apple's UI choices are a little suspect in some areas and make getting used to an effective Faces work-flow a little challenging but over all Faces it pretty amazing. So much so it is high on my list of Screencast topics.

I have most of my other photographer buddies/clients that use Aperture converted over at this point but it was a nightmare - I have to say the biggest disappointment for me has been how god awful and unstable the Aperture2 to Aperture3 conversion process has been for existing libraries. I won't go into details but there are some challenges that can only be overcome by brute force with no rhyme or reason and seem to be centered on a couple of images that hang Aperture conversions up permanently. Very disappointing. Emotionally it would be more comforting if the offending images, once found, were something out of the ordinary - like a 7G Tiff or something - but they aren't.

The new curves tool is amazing - especially now that you can add lots of them and brush them in. Yes - I still use photoshop but it is becoming even more specialized. I wish the brushes worked a little more like the PS brush tool but hey - it's a little too early to start creating wish lists of things for the next version. Apeture's 64-bit goodness even ingests my unreasonably large 4000DPI 16bit scans of medium format scans without even a hiccup. Is it blazingly fast working on a file over half a gig? Well that is relative  - it is compared to loading it into Photoshop. More importantly it deals with them without getting completely flakey like Ap2 did.

So - are all you Aperture 3 converters out there happy and settled in yet or are you still experiencing frustration? Either way would love to here your thoughts now that it has had some time to ripen.


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